Make A Difference

Lake Atitlan must be preserved

Regis Hotel & Spa is located on the shores of the world's most beautiful lake, which is endangered by environmental pollution, so we are deeply committed to the program of sustainable tourism – that’s why it is part of our daily operations.

Regis Hotel & Spa

By utilizing the best practices, our property continues to minimize the amount of energy it consumes on a daily basis. We train and encourage our employees to reduce their impact on the environment. From waste management to limiting greenhouse-gas emissions, Regis Hotel & Spa continues to seek out new ways to operate as eco-friendly as possible.

Staff and management recognize the importance of giving back to the local economy. We recruit and train residents from nearby communities, ensuring that the entire region also benefits from the success of Regis Hotel & Spa. We consistently participate with our neighbors to make our destination a better one for visitors and the community every day. Understanding and respect for indigenous cultures, customs and traditions is also promoted at every opportunity.

Sustainability Policy

Our sustainability policy covers the entire environment of our operations motivating our staff and our suppliers to feel committed with the development of themselves and their communities. We also try to involve our guests because we are all important part of the change.

Social Programs

Learn more about how Regis Hotel & Spa continues to help foster sustainable tourism in the region by impacting the local community.