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Hotel Regulations

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When confirming a reservation, the guest acknowledges that they have read and accepted our hotel regulations Questions? Please contact us at info@portahotels.com


To confirm and guarantee your reservation, a guarantee of 100% of the total value of the stay is requested; it can be done through a payment link, bank deposit or charge to your credit or debit card with prior written authorization, filling out and returning the form that will be sent to you and attaching the photocopy or photograph of your ID and your credit/debit card on both sides. The room will be assigned to the name of the person who made the reservation and if it is for another person, you must provide the guest's information and his/her personal guarantee

We accept a maximum of 5 people in a room, with the following combinations: 2 adults and 3 children or 3 adults and 2 children. Please be informed that we consider child, a 11 years old or younger guest. If the number of guests exceeds the maximum capacity, we suggest reserving more than one room or accepting the additional person charge, using the beds in the room

To book, please check availability calling at + (502) 2244-0800or in our website

Interior of Regis Room with twin beds at Regis Hotel & Spa


Please review the cancellation policy of the specific rate, when confirming your reservation. We will not accept cancellations and/or modifications to the dates of entry and/or departure that have been guaranteed at the time of making your reservation online or directly with our Reservations department. If a guaranteed reservation does not check in on the confirmed date or leaves before, the full value of the stay will be charged according to the original reservation and we will not make any refund.


  • Cancel your total account when you leave the hotel and return your room’s key. In case of loss, we will charge USD65 per key
  • Respect the dress code in all areas
  • The check-in time is from 3pm. Early check-in could be requested for an additional charge and is subject to availability
  • At check-in time, it is essential to present a passport or DPI per person and open credit to cover any additional consumption or expense. Cash and most credit and/or debit cards are accepted
  • On scheduled departure you must vacate the room at 11 am. If you do not do it and the hotel has availability, you are obliged to pay the price of the accommodation that corresponds to an additional day or the surcharge established for late check-out. If we do not have availability, the luggage will be removed from the room and stored in the luggage hold without any responsibility for the hotel
  • Firearms are forbidden in the property


  • It is strictly forbidden for guests to cause altercations, make annoying noises in rooms and/or corridors, enter musicians and in general, any act that disturbs or bothers other guests
  • It is forbidden to deteriorate the furniture, decoration or goods of the hotel, giving them an improper use
  • We do not allow acts that cause damage or harm to the hotel or other guests or are contrary to decorum or social behavior
  • The hotel reserves the right to terminate the hosting service, when the aforementioned prohibitions are violated without the guest causing them having the right to any reduction in their hosting account or service received, also being obliged to pay or indemnify the damages or harm caused by its conduct
  • Children must be under parental or guardian supervision at all times
  • Treat our collaborators, other guests and clients with courtesy and respect


  • As a tourist establishment that provides lodging services on a rental basis, Porta Hotels complies with the conditions, ordinances and laws of the country 
  • We reserve the right of admission


  • Enter restricted areas
  • Enter food and drinks that have not been prepared by our staff
  • Entering the thermal pool with objects that endanger your safety and that of other guests (for example, glass)
  • Entering or using drugs
  • Enter pyrotechnic items
  • Entering firearms, explosive materials, flammables, narcotics or similar substances. If you have a weapon, you must report it and register it upon arrival
  • Long-term stay of people inside the vehicle and/or in parking areas
  • Extraction of flora species


  • You must contact the hotel directly to make your reservation and all confirmation is subject to availability
  • The original document must be presented to enjoy the service
  • The certificate loses validity if, after having a confirmed service or reservation, you do not show up or make a late cancellation
  • Certificates are not redeemable for cash
  • Blackout dates apply
Friends relaxing in the outdoor spa pool area at Regis Hotel & Spa